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Your business was born out of a creative idea! Sometimes you need an extra hand to power through so you can continue to work from your heart vs. from a place of stress.

My expertise is in holistic digital marketing strategy, and tying your entire body of content together into one seamless, heart-centered brand.

I've worked with creative entrepreneurs and large businesses in a variety of industries.

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13+ years in the marketing space


Marketing Packages

Have you ever wished parts of your business could be put on auto-pilot, running in the background while you work on the parts of your business that set your soul on fire?

I've created a set of my most powerful packages, each aligning to a goal and focus area of digital marketing. 

Check out my range of packages—both one-time and/or retainer-based—to help you make time and money.

Your investment gets you: An analysis and full strategic plan customized to your needs and goals, plus the hours to make it happen.

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Sometimes, it can be tough to know where to focus your energy in this crazy online space. Sometimes all you need is a little boost to get something started.

This is why I offer strategic sessions to help re-center your tactical plan based on your business vision.

Sessions can be purchased as one-time or multi-session—to help you power up your game with a fine-point pen and strategic eye.

Your investment gets you: Workshop sessions, an action plan, templates, a roadmap and more


Consulting Strategy Sessions

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I also offer custom consulting packages in marketing+content strategy, execution, and campaign applications. 

Reach out and let's discuss your specific project and goals!

Costs depend on type of work needed;
Scope of work will be discussed during Discovery call and agreed-upon at contract signing

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Custom Consulting


I love writing about business, creativity, wellness, and more—because they're all connected.

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Exploring the balance between living well and business building with interviews and actionable takeaways.

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Grab your go-to resource for marketing or freelance support, or learn about how you can work directly with me!


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